Anxiety Letters: Perfection

A never-ending cycle of competing with myself and sometimes with the people around me. A battle between this faultless image created in the head, boosted by the ego and on other hand, my reality that so desperately needs recognition. I never saw myself desiring to be perfect, expecting people to be perfect, faultless. Wanting myContinue reading “Anxiety Letters: Perfection”

Anxiety Letters.

Dear Anxiety, you make me feel alone, you have been with me for a long time. You are chaotic, an inconvenience,  I’m tired of you, I hate you. Why won’t you let me be? To go out unto this world to be me, to experience friendships, relationships, heartbreaks,  or at the very least participate inContinue reading “Anxiety Letters.”


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Hi, I’m JOI and I spend most of my time enjoying nature and writing about concerns in life.

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